Author: Koe-Iro Translations

Ore wa Shin-chan ga Daisuki Nanodayo

Happy TakaMido Day! Please enjoy our release of Ore wa Shin-chan ga Daisuki Nanodayo by shoko/campanella! You can find it on the KNB project page or the reader as usual.

Akogare no Rokudemo Nai Hito Chapter 1

Hello! o((*^▽^*))o We’ve finally been able to start another of our planned series, Akogare no Rokudemo Nai Hito. Muffin Mellow Translations will be helping us with chapter 2 onwards, so I hope we can finish the rest of the chapters at a decent pace. As usual, you can check out the chapter itself at the project page or on the reader. Happy reading!

MidoTaka Short Comic

Hello! Sorry for the delay in releasing something new, but we needed time to organise ourselves after a few of the members left. Anyway, we have another MidoTaka comic by Mairi today, which you can check out at our reader. Also, if you would be able to help with cleaning some of our projects, please have a look at the update post on our tumblr!

Happy Birthday Midorima!

Hiya! Today’s release is a short comic for Midorima’s birthday. The author is Mairi, who also created some of the short comics we released during MidoTaka Week.

Check out the comic at our online reader over here.