1. Can I share your releases?
Yes, you can. We have an online reader and an official channel for our subbed videos, but we do allow the sharing of our releases, as long as you DO NOT remove our credits page or take credit for it.

2. When will you release your next subbed video/chapter/doujinshi?
We don’t have a release schedule at the moment, so everything will be released whenever it is ready.

3. Can you work on this drama CD/manga/doujinshi?
It depends. We may take on requests, but it will depend on our RL schedules and interest in that particular work. However, we are always open to suggestions!

4. I want to join Koe-Iro Translations.
Please check out our recruitment page.

5. I want to translate your manga/doujinshi/subbed videos into another language.
Please ask for permission before retranslating any of our series. You will first need to get the authorization of the raw provider and of the translator responsible for the work in the question. To do that, send an email to the address on the recruitment page, with the subject “Retranslation”.