Positions within the group:

Japanese Translator – OPEN

  • Translates drama CDs and/or manga/doujinshi
  • Manga and/or doujinshi translators should be able to read without furigana

Raw Provider – OPEN

  • Provides raws for the group, be it drama CDs, manga or doujinshi

Cleaner – OPEN

  • Experience not necessary, but you will need to complete a short test
  • Removes all text from speech bubbles and sfx, cleans raws
  • Must be able to level, crop, clone, re-draw, dust and re-size

Typesetter – CLOSED

  • Puts the translated text and sfx into the correct places

Subbed Video Maker – OPEN

  • Creates the subbed versions of drama CD tracks

We are happy to assist you occasionally, but please understand that we cannot teach complete beginners in any of the skills above.

If you would like to join the group, please contact us at the following email:


We look forward to receiving your application!