[Release] MidoTaka Week Day 6 – Short Manga Panel

Title: Unknown

Type: Short Manga Panel

Series: Kuroko no Basket

Artist: Mairi

Pairing: Midorima x Takao

Rating: T

Download: read online here.

Note: I’m so very sorry for the lateness of these last two days -.-‘ The blame fall all on me and my sometimes-terrible Internet connection… I sure hope it doesn’t happen again in the future. Just like Takao hopes that his Shin-chan won’t cling to him while he’s cooking. Though let’s just be honest here… Takao-chan wants Shin-chan to eat him up just as much as Shin-chan wants to eat his food~

P.S. We will not provide a download link to any short manga panel that has come from Pixiv, whose artists we asked for permission beforehand. If you wish to re-translate any of them, you will also need to ask their permission.


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