[Release] MidoTaka Week Day 7 – Ace-sama to Banzai

Title: Ace-sama to Banzai

Type: Doujinshi

Series: Kuroko no Basket

Artist: Sachimo

Pairing: Midorima x Takao

Rating: T

Download: here or read online here.

Note: And we have reached the end of Koe-Iro Translations’ MidoTaka Week~ And what an ending it was TToTT So very beautiful, Shin-chan, Takao…! As we have successfully (more or less -.-‘) accomplished the goal of having this event, we would like to give our own proposal to you guys.

We would really like to participate/create more events like this one, not only for KnB but for other fandoms, but we don’t have manpower enough at the moment to do it in such big proportions. Hence, we would like to ask for volunteers to work alongside with us for those events, in the basis that they help us with that specific event only and, if they want to join the group at full-time afterwards, they would be able to stay.

Our future events are: KiKasa Week (July 1st – July 7th); KiKuro Month (July 11th – August 15th); AoKaga Month (August 1st – August 31st); MuraHimu Week (September 12th – September 18th); AkaKuro Special Event (December 20th – January 31st).

If there’s anyone interested in helping us out in any of these events, please send us an email to koe.iro.translations@gmail.com with the name of the events and which position (translator; typesetter; proofreader; cleaner)  you would volunteer to have ^.^


  1. Thank you very much!

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  4. Thanks a lot, not only for this release but for the whole MidoTaka week’s releases!

  5. And thank you for this as well! It has been a very wonderful week ^.^

  6. i love this one, thank you !!

  7. thanks so much for the scanlation!

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